Disgraced Airbnb host faces more sex worker charges

Disgraced Airbnb host Gerty Tridenton is facing fresh charges of using phony clients to make their sex workers pay high fees.

Tridenton first came to light last year, when it was revealed she was the operator of a website called Backdoor Escorts.

The website earned her notoriety by charging some of her female sex workers £270 to rent one of the four guest rooms booked on the site.

Tridenton faced a backlash after that revelation – including a lawsuit which demanded she be fined or prison if she tried to cheat sex workers out of cash.

Tridenton allegedly used male clients to get sex workers to pay high fees.

And now website operator Tridenton and two other individuals face charges in relation to charges in London.

She’s also facing charges in the Manchester, where she’s accused of using an apartment she’d rented to a female sex worker to try to charge her up to £3000 to stay overnight.

Tridenton has also been arrested in 2016 in Sheffield, where she’s accused of forcing a 24-year-old sex worker to pay up to £970 to entertain two clients over a one hour period in one of her guest rooms – otherwise she would have to clean her room.

The sex workers were charged a staggering £270 to pay for a room in Bradford.

Another individual facing arrest is Megan Peterson, 29, who the West Yorkshire county claims owns an online escort company.

Charges against Peterson were dropped in January, according to papers filed with Leeds Crown court records, but she’s facing new charges of theft and money laundering.

Tridenton’s website was shut down after first coming to light last year.