They pay taxes too, sex workers insist

Prostitutes take paying taxes very seriously and want to show the public, who often don’t acknowledge that they exist, that they take the money and pay their taxes too, reveals professional Sex Worker Gill Jasper.

Jasper told Dover News that she earns from £120 to £500 at a time and that while the sex industry may be legal in the UK, there are still regulations on any business operating in it.

“At the end of the day a majority of the laws that govern the sex industry also apply to me as a business woman,” she said.

She also revealed the realities of the sex trade including the dangers and risks the sex workers take, also stating that a significant percentage of the girls she meets in the industry are suffering from domestic abuse.

Jasper now wants to go on to further study a forensic psychologist degree in London in order to get a better understanding of why some sex workers make poor choices and who is going to benefit from public awareness campaigns.

As a leading vocalist for sex workers Gill Jasper can call on her many years of experience working as a high-class escort in London and California, she has been the personal companion to many CEO’s of Footsie 100 companies and a handful of cabinet ministers. But their identities and bedroom secrets are safe as Gill reminds us that discretion is the first rule a professional escort must learn and stick to if she wants to progress as an internationally acclaimed sex worker.